Welcome to Golden Law Office’s New Website

Welcome to my new website. I hope you have taken some time to peruse the site. I am thrilled with the finished product. I truly want to thank my cousins, Laura Livesey and Rod Solar, LiveseySolar Practice Builders and their team for putting together such a fantastic website! It was an interesting process creating the site!

I did not want Golden Law Office’s new website to be similar to many of the legal websites which are stuffy and boring! That is not my business style. Golden Law Office is a comfortable place for my clients. My clients are part of my community – they are friends and neighbours. I wanted my website to reflect this in the colours of the site and in the feeling that it portrays.

Golden Law Office is a small law firm located in Harrow, Ontario – and as I stated on the “About Us” page – we were a “boutique” law firm before “boutique” become fashionable! It is important to know that even though we are a small and friendly law firm, we are very experienced, thorough and competent. You can be sure that we handle legal matters with expertise and professionalism at Golden Law Office.

I learned that it is best practice to write new blog posts on a regular basis. This is my first attempt at blogging – so all I can say, is that I will try.

I plan to blog on various topics of interest relating to my areas of practice. I will write posts relating to the purchase of a home, including home inspections, title insurance, mortgage basics and private real estate sales. Other blogs will delve into matters concerning wills and estate administration, powers of attorneys, duties of an attorney and an executor. I will also blog in support of local community groups, charities, and events. I want my blog to deal with topics of law which are of interest to you.

If you do not find any information you are particularly interested in on my website please contact me! I want to be responsive to whatever it is you are looking for. If you like what you see and read, please contact me as well and let me know! We love feedback at Golden Law Office!