Real Estate Law

When it comes to Real Estate Law you want advice and legal services only from someone that you can absolutely trust and who really knows what she is doing. Whether you are purchasing, selling or mortgaging your home, farm or commercial property, Peggy Golden and the Golden Law Office have the necessary expertise to handle the transaction for you.

Peggy Golden and her knowledgeable staff will work with you at every step of the transaction, from the negotiation of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, to the on and off title searches that will ensure you will acquire a property without title defects and to the ultimate completion of the transaction. If you are severing your lands, we can assist with applications to the municipal Committee of Adjustment and the subsequent transfer of title.

When considering entering into a contract to buy or sell Real Estate, you should contact our office in order that the contract may be reviewed with you before you sign the contract. You should be aware of your rights and obligations before you become bound to complete the transaction based on a document that you may not understand. Once the contract is signed, you will be bound to the terms in the contract.

Golden Law Office has extensive experience working with non-residents who are selling or transferring their property. We will ensure that the sale or transfer is in compliance with the filing requirements of the Canadian Income Tax Act.

Our clients range from the first time home-buyer, to seniors that are selling and moving to a retirement home. We work with people at all stages of their life and offer legal services for all of their Real Estate conveyancing needs.

Golden Law Office will be able to represent you and provide you with excellent service and legal advice based on over 27 years of experience.

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