Farm and Commercial Properties

At Golden Law Office we can help you buy or sell farm and commercial properties. Our office is located in a rural community and we have assisted generations of farmers with their farm transactions.

Farm & Commercial – Buying or Selling

When buying or selling your farm or commercial property there are different considerations than in a residential transaction. Whether you are selling your farming operation to a third party, or you are conveying your family farm to the next generation, Peggy Golden and Becky Robinet can complete the transfer of title. We have, through the years, gained valuable local knowledge that gives an advantage in title searching and conveying in the Harrow area.

If the transaction is an intergenerational transfer of title to your farm or commercial properties we can work with you and your financial advisors to develop and implement your estate plan to the meet your needs.

HST Registration

If you are purchasing a farm or commercial property you will be advised to obtain an HST registration number since the purchase of farm or commercial property will be subject to HST. If you are an HST registrant, you will not be required to pay the HST at the time of the purchase, but will be required to report the HST payable on your HST return and claim the HST as an input tax credit on the same return.

Leases and Tenants

Another consideration in farm transactions will be dealing with the crop on the lands and any  leases affecting the lands. Golden Law Office can assist in the assignment of any leases, any notices to your tenant, or drafting clauses for the Agreement of Purchase and Sale to deal with which party is entitled to the crop planted on the lands.

Commercial – Environmental Factors

If you are purchasing commercial property thought must be given to environmental issues. Proper drafting of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale to provide for the environmental liabilities is crucial.

If you are working with a real estate agent for your purchase or sale transaction, prior to signing any Agreement of Purchase and Sale for your farm or commercial property you should be sure to review the Agreement with your lawyer.

For any of your farm or commercial real estate transactions, click here for our quick contact form or give us a call on 519-738-4111 to contact Golden Law Office and get the help you need from an experienced lawyer.