Golden Law Office is located in downtown Harow, at 13 King Street West. (Directly opposite the Queen Street stop light!)
Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., by appointment, or by chance. You are urged to make an appointment to ensure that Peggy Golden will have time to meet with you and be prepared to discuss your legal matter. In the event you are unable to attend our office during the posted business hours, Peggy Golden will work with you to find a mutually convenient time to meet with you. If you are unable to attend the office due to a disability, Peggy Golden is able to meet with you in your home at a mutually convenient time.

Peggy Golden  will be the lawyer that will be responsible for your file. The other, non-lawyer, members of staff that will be working on the file and may contact you are Kathy Carter and Karen Reh. The non-lawyer staff work under the direct supervision of Peggy Golden at Golden Law.

The By-Laws of The Law Society of Upper Canada require that (except for certain exceptions), whenever a lawyer is retained to provide legal services, the lawyer is required to “identify” the client. Identification refers to basic information about the client – such as name, address (business and home) and occupation. In addition, the identity of the client needs to be “verified” when a lawyer is acting for a client or giving instructions on behalf of a client regarding the receiving, payment or transferring of funds. Also, if you are obtaining a mortgage, your lender will have a requirement that the lawyer obtain and verify identification provided by you. At all times the Privacy Policy of Golden Law Office will govern the information received.
Yes. Golden Law Office can assist you in the preparation of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale when you are purchasing privately and not using the services of a realtor.

No. The Rules of the Law Society of Upper Canada, (the governing body for lawyers in Ontario) prohibits an individual lawyer acting for both the transferor and the transferee with respect to the transfer of title to real property.

Keys will be turned over at the closing and arrangements will be made for you to pick them up (usually at our office). Keys are not usually available to be picked up until late on the afternoon of closing.
Title insurance protects the title to your property against losses incurred as a result of undetected or unknown title issues, such as municipal issues (e.g. lack of permits), encroachment issues and fraud.
If you hold title to your real property with someone as joint tenants, on the death of one party, the property transfers to the other party by right of survivorship. Joint tenants each own an equal interest in the property. If you hold title as tenants in common with someone, you each may own a different percentage interest in the property. On the death of one party, the property does not transfer to the other by right of survivorship, but is dealt with in accordance with the Will of the deceased (or in accordance with the laws of intestate succession in the event the deceased has no Will)
At Golden Law Office we do not handle litigation. We will make every effort to provide you with a referral to a litigation lawyer to suit your needs.

At Golden Law Office we do not handle family law matters. We will make every effort to provide you with a referral to a family law lawyer.

Yes. You need to sign the document in our office. You will need to provide identification. There will be a fee charged for this service.