Business Law Defined

Business Law, also known as Commercial Law, encompasses all aspects of governing the relationships between parties in a commercial transaction. There are many different types of services provided to our clients, such as business organization, contract negotiation and drafting, buying and selling of businesses.

Peggy Golden at Golden Law Office Professional Corporation will work with you and your accountant or other advisors to ensure your corperation is structured appropriately – whether it be a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation.

Business & Commercial – Organizations

If your company needs to be incorporated, Golden Law Office Professional Corporation will prepare and file the Articles of Incorporation, prepare the organizational by-laws and resolutions. Each year we will keep your corporate record book (known as the “minute book”) up-to-date by preparing annual minutes of meetings and corporate resolutions.

If your corporation has more than one shareholder, Golden Law Office Professional Corporation can assist you with a shareholder agreement that will provide for the rights of each shareholder.

If your business is a partnership, we will prepare a commercial partnership agreement that will address the needs of you and your partner today and in the future as your professional relationship evolves.

Business & Commercial Law – Contracts

At Golden Law Office Professional Corporation we help our clients to understand the contracts they are signing.  We will review legal contracts with you and help you to understand the legal “jargon”. Peggy Golden will assist her clients in the negotiating and drafting of contracts for a variety of situations.

Buying and Selling a Business – How Golden Law can help

If you are an entrepreneur, Golden Law Office can help you with the buying and selling of a company . Whether your business is small or large, Golden Law Office Professional Corporation can see the transaction through to completion. If your transaction is the purchase of assets of a business entity or the purchase of shares of a corporation, Peggy Golden will help you and your other advisors conduct the appropriate due diligence searches, draft the formal purchase agreement and finalize the transaction.

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